Sean McCabe


Sean has been hooked on entertainment since his parents gave him his first guitar for his 6th birthday. Many guitars and gigs later, Sean went on to attend Siena College on the edge of Albany, the Capital of New York State. There, he began to forge his career as a performer and talent agent. These formative years would “set the stage” for Sean to grow his database of industry connections including talented artists, producers, technicians and more. Fast-forward 30 years later, Sean is the Founder, Owner and President of one of the most widely recognized and respected Talent Agencies in the USA, Entertainment Caterers, Inc. (EC Model & Talent Agency).

Sean is a consummate and attentive professional who always goes the extra mile. Over the years, he has graced countless stages as a Corporate Emcee, helped pioneer the art of Interactive DJ’ing, played guitar in A-Circuit Bands and performed across Walt Disney World as one of their most-requested DJ’s, MC’s and party hosts for over 10 years.

Looking into the future, Sean is setting his sights even higher as technology, talent and client expectations continue to soar. Taking his talents to the international stage, he is now splitting his time between Orlando, Las Vegas, Bangkok and Beijing, but through technology, he is virtually available everywhere!

Jessica Anikienko


Jessica is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. She has produced numerous theatre shows, general sessions and corporate events. In addition to producing Cirque Shows, Jessica is well-versed in modeling, dance, promotional work and trade shows. With a strong performance background, she applies her skills both inside and outside of the office, conceptualizing the many details that lead to outstanding productions. Jessica’s work does not stop at driving the message to potential clients, and earning their business. It continues from the first sales call to the final curtain! After many years of performing herself, as a professional dancer, model and Cirque character performer, Jessica has had the opportunity to choreograph, train, work with and ultimately manage many fine talents. To this day, her reputation in our industry precedes herself, and many aspiring artists look to Jessica for her help and advice. She is now taking a limited number of artists under her wings. If you think Jessica might be able to help advance your career, please don’t hesitate to forward your resume for consideration. Dedicated and creative, Jessica consistently produces successful shows and directs aspiring talent, in order to help us build and maintain our reputation as one of the nation’s leading talent providers and artist management companies.

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